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2010-06-27 12:46:58 by blackblade9

hilarous pic


I fucking hate this site's forum

2009-06-01 16:49:49 by blackblade9

this is way too strict. its so easy to get banned for anything. like saying you suck will get u banned. wtf is up with that. i thought this was a site where u could express ur opoins and do anything u want unless u follow ur common sense but its not like that is it?

digusting poem

2009-04-06 18:05:52 by blackblade9

ok ppl i found this dighusting poem at school today im studying poetry and i saw this poem that sound like 2 ppl masterbating read it plz!!!

Might as well
Mabey I shouldn't
But who would know?
...Alright I'll do it
Owww... what a dumb plce from a wall
Big words like catepillar,big icecream comes
MEOW!.. Oh you stipid thing, shut up!
I dont want you to wake up someone
It should be here...clink...yes
All this for a cookie

Doesn't this sound digusting?

A random picture

2009-02-06 22:34:06 by blackblade9

I really want to post this picture

A random picture


2009-01-30 10:18:24 by blackblade9

rhythmworld sucks it autodelets ure songs i checked for some songs of mine and they wern't there y???????????????

plz play this song

2009-01-26 21:11:25 by blackblade9

everone plz play the song addicted to everquest on the game rhythmworld its really funny :D